MILIANA Tour Concert 2012 [from french to purwokerto]

This is Miliana, Miliana who did the tour to Indonesia finally stopped at one of the cities in Indonesia, namely Purwokerto. Before Miliana appear any of several local bands from Purwokerto such as Suket Teki, Lodse, Pagi Yang Indah are open that night. Miliana successfully entertaining audiences with songs again that they bring a pop folks. for your information, Miliana derived from the French. These are some photos I took, check it out :

Because there are many photos, so I combine several pictures into one

and in fact they were friendly, they left the stage and sing among the audience before they closed the concert that night.

I wish to thank Miliana and people who come to support this event, and we wait Miliana in other stage, other opportunity.
Succès Miliana et Merci Miliana 😀


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