Good afternoon, back again to me today, this is a beautiful day
This photo taken with a model that does have talent in this part, but because we don’t have much time so i just take some photos that I produce, even this has not as much as I can, and of course, I say thank you to Alpharian Semarang.
check it out :

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THINK AGAIN!!! “Photo Shoot Session”

Good afternoon, finally i made ​​the post again this time. After for long time for this vacuum.
I say thank you again for my friends Alpharian Semarang had invited me to take a photo session in Semarang city hall, I took this photo yesterday afternoon. I took this photo 11 hours after I arrived in the city of Semarang, because before I spent a week in the city of Bandung. And just this picture that I managed to get
so, let see

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Fathia’s Birthday

Yesterday there was my friend’s birthday, her name is Fathia. friends who I have not been met, and alhamdulillah she was also still remember me. before I go to Fathia’s home I just finished a gig with “three project” in Jateng Fair 2012, after that I was contacted by fitri to jointly make a surprise to Fathia, and we met in front of polines. and then we just go to Fathia’s home.
when we make some suprise :

after we make some suprise we going to Massimo pizzeria to buy some snacks, such as this :

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