for so long time i don’t upload stage photography, and now i have time to make a new post about yesterday, I attended calling famous band GUGUN BLUES SHELTER, here I am in charge of making the documentation. The event call “CAVERNOUS RENDEZVOUS” with theme “STOPIRACY”, the event so big, and i think its success, oh yaaa. . . this event free for all. Very rare to hold free event on campus. And UKM Band IT Telkom the first organization/UKM who do that when i here. so, check it out :

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LIST (alstrukdat task)

List merupakan kumpulan dari elemen list yang bertype sama, list merupakan koleksi dari object. List sendiri memiliki keturutan tertentu dan nilai satu elemen boleh muncul lebih dari beberapa kali.
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