Good afternoon, back again to me today, this is a beautiful day
This photo taken with a model that does have talent in this part, but because we don’t have much time so i just take some photos that I produce, even this has not as much as I can, and of course, I say thank you to Alpharian Semarang.
check it out :

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THINK AGAIN!!! “Photo Shoot Session”

Good afternoon, finally i made ​​the post again this time. After for long time for this vacuum.
I say thank you again for my friends Alpharian Semarang had invited me to take a photo session in Semarang city hall, I took this photo yesterday afternoon. I took this photo 11 hours after I arrived in the city of Semarang, because before I spent a week in the city of Bandung. And just this picture that I managed to get
so, let see

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Holiday On The Beach (Bandengan Beach)

Vacation at the beach with community Alpharian semarang. very happy to have new friends who have the same camera, where we can share experiences about the same thing. talk about each interesting experience, to shoot the model.
This photo was taken early in the morning around 08.00 am, in this photo the model was named Herlina.
See the photos :

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Sauvage Denim Jeans

This is my serious project, after weeks of doing this job I know how important it is to make every effort totality of what we do. This job is not to spend so much time but the idea did not immediately appear out of nowhere to make this work hampered to do. This is a sauvage denim jeans founded by Telkom Poltek students, taking these pictures made ​​the campus area IT Telkom. carried out during the day when the sun was overpowering, and finally the day this photo was completed yesterday I was doing.
check it out 😀

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Selamat petang 😀
akhirnya foto indoor lagi, terimakasih buat bang affan, oka, mas arief, dan mbak modelnya irena&tika.
foto ini diambil di studio daerah paskal, tepatnya kaga ngerti, jadi kita berangkat bareng2 dari kampus, naik mobil estilo
diisi 6 orang, keren kan??? haha

langsung aja ni foto dari PUSPITA AYU KARTIKA :

nah, ini foto dari IRENA ARSYKA DEWI :

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