Sauvage Denim Jeans

This is my serious project, after weeks of doing this job I know how important it is to make every effort totality of what we do. This job is not to spend so much time but the idea did not immediately appear out of nowhere to make this work hampered to do. This is a sauvage denim jeans founded by Telkom Poltek students, taking these pictures made ​​the campus area IT Telkom. carried out during the day when the sun was overpowering, and finally the day this photo was completed yesterday I was doing.
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Product Photo

Selamat Pagi πŸ˜€

Biasa mau posting foto lama, daripada postingan juga sepi. Jadi ini foto produk, pas itu ngebuat kayak studio mini pake kardus buat nempatin produk-produknya. Langsung saja bung :

Foto Efek punya Dicky, dikasih sama bang ISON SOV, katanya si bekas punya eross, crunch dari efek muff mantab cuy.

Ini foto produk coklat bubuk yang dulu buat gw pake wirausaha waktu smk bareng Hafidz Al Djohari sama Laning Devila Putri,

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