for so long time i don’t upload stage photography, and now i have time to make a new post about yesterday, I attended calling famous band GUGUN BLUES SHELTER, here I am in charge of making the documentation. The event call “CAVERNOUS RENDEZVOUS” with theme “STOPIRACY”, the event so big, and i think its success, oh yaaa. . . this event free for all. Very rare to hold free event on campus. And UKM Band IT Telkom the first organization/UKM who do that when i here. so, check it out :

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ESPOSE 2012 (Chain The Ethnicity Through Musicology)

Sabtu, 28 April 2012.
akhirnya kesampean liat konser lagi :D, dateng-dateng jam 18.00 langsung disambut sama band blues, they’re Gugun & Blues Shelter
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abis itu ada musik tulus, band yang baru nongol dan berhasil menghipnotis para mahasiswa bandung ini, emang ramah banget pas nyapa mahasiswa bandung di acara espose 2012 sabuga, dan ada 3 orang yang beruntung bisa bertemu musiktulus di backstage gegara dia punya cd dari musiktulus, salut 😀
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